Satin Paw Smooth Chow-Chows (A)

Poland, Stettin
June 19, 2005

Poland, Stettin
BOB Quicksilver vom Sittardsberg & BOS Multi Ch. Lian v.h. Venne-Dorp
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Poland, Stettin» Poland, Stettin
June 19, 2005
Provided by Aase Bach Nikolaisen, Claudia & Heinz Kleinheisterkamp

Judge: Janusz Opara, Poland

Number of Chows entered: 31

Best male and BOB – cac and cacib Stettinsieger 05:
Quick Silver vow Sitterdsberg.
Breeder: Claudia Kleinheisterkamp, Germany
Owner: Roswitha Rohloff, Germany

Best Male 2 – res. Cacib:
Gaspar Sein-Sin
Breeder: Joanna Moskalewicz, Poland
Owner: Ryszard Moczak, Poland


Best Female and BOS – cac, cacib and Stettinsieger 05 - (new Polish Champion).
Lian v. h. Venne-Dorp
Breeder: A.M. Snels, Holland
Owner: Aase bach Nikolaisen, Denmark

Best Female 2 and cac, res.cacib - (new Polish Champion).
Ban-Mei-Mei Cha-Mi-Gu
Breeder and Owner: Elzbieta Mirecka, Poland