Satin Paw Smooth Chow-Chows (A)

Netherlands, Utrecht
October 29, 2006

Netherlands, Utrecht
BOB, CAC/CACIB - Iwan of the Queens Club

BOS, CAC/CACIB - Koperrood Yulin Taiynan
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December 16, 2006

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November 25, 2006
Winnershow 2006

Netherlands, Utrecht» Netherlands, Utrecht
October 29, 2006
Provided by Ted Beverdam

Judge: Mr.E. Verschoor, The Netherlands

Number of Chows entered: 9
Number of Chows present: 8

Open class dog

Koperrood Zwarte Hannes
(Mongo x Koperrood Makore), b/o: J.Klijn.
1 Very Good

Iwan of the Queens Club (Rahnee Dao's Banjo x Sweet Dreams o.t Royal club), b: J.Mannessen. o: A.S.Mannessen
1 Excellent, CAC/CACIB, BOB

Youth class dog

Gismo van Juttersburch
(Rhythm and Blues of the Royal Club x Tara van Juttersburch), b: T.Heide-Das, o: A.Elsinga
2 Excellent ResCAC/resCACIB

Open class bitch

Koperrood Yulin Taiynan
(Chester x Koperrood Miss Quincy), b: J.Klijn, o: J.Stegehuis
1 Excellent CAC/CACIB, BOS

Young dog class bitch

Lady Cha-Lynne Kwei-Jang

Lady Cha-Lynne Kwei-Jang
(Koperrood Sir Kiang x Empire Rose Kwei-Jang), b: J.Mimpen, o: G.Beverdam
1 Excellent ResCAC/resCACIB

Youth class bitch

Koperrood Grimson The Challenger
(Koperrood Zwarte Hannes x Smooth Tommy Girl o.t.RoyalClub), b/o: J.Klijn
1 Very Good

Champion class bitches

(Mat-Chow Kwei-Jang x Fong Leng v.h.Vennedorp), b/o: D.Ruthenkolk
1 Excellent

Daphne of the Queens Club
(Destiny's Overture to Anvil x Sweet Dreams of the Royal Club), b/o: A.S.Mannessen
2 Excellent