Satin Paw Smooth Chow-Chows (A)

Belgium, Kortrijk
November 17, 2007

Belgium, Kortrijk
Kuma Del Fiume Giallo At Sumsaï

Photo by Ineke van Beekum
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Provided by Nadine Mattart, Enzo Farinella, Digna Ruthenkolk

Judge: Monique Van Brempt (B)

Number of Chows entered: 8
Number of Chows shown: 6

Red and other colours


Baby Class

833. Chang-Haï Du Bois De L’Osier, red dog born: 21.05.2007, (Thiang-Go Du Domaine Du Bois Robin - Uming Des Narcisses Du Donjon), Breeder: Vaillant, Owner: Cora Jean
1 very promising, Best Baby

Open Class

834. Kuma Del Fiume Giallo At Sumsaï, red dog born: 06.02.2006, (Ch. Suel Sihote-Alinn Rahat Lukum - Ch. From Day to Day del Fiume Giallo), Breeder: Enzo Farinella, Owner: E. Farinella / P. Lawson
1 Exc – CAC – CACIB – BOB - BOG 3rd


Open Class

835. Ai Chang Du Domaine Des Saphirs, red bitch born: 02.12.2005, (Rahnee Dhao's Azir - Tchou-Lynha Du Domaine Du Bois Robin), Breeder / Owner: Françoise Gauthier
1 very good

836. Fon-Leng Van Het Vennedorp, red bitch born 01.01.2000, Breeder : Snels Van Amelsfoort, Owner: Digna Ruthenkolk
- absent -

Champion Class

837. Amber, red bitch born: 31.03.2004, (Mat-Chow Kwei-Jang - Fong Leng Vh Venne-Dorp), Breeder / Owner: Digna Ruthenkolk
1 Exc – CAC – CACIB – BOS et Champion de Belgique en cours d’homologation

838. Ch.Himwin Hi Ona, red bitch born: 22.07.2003, (Jensim Just William at Siamdel - Himwin You Si), Breeder: J Hempenstall, Owner: Dirschl R
2 Exc – Rés CAC – Rés CACIB

Blue / black


Open Class

839. Jinheide Del Fiume Giallo born 20.01.2005, Breeder / Owner: Enzo Farinella
- absent -

Champion Class

Chowderny Xinling-Shi

840. Ch.Chowderny Xinling-Shi, black dog born: 28.04.2003, (Ch. Rocky Black Du Lee Don Des Thitounes - Ushuaia Xinling-Shi), Breeder: Mr Houben, Owner: Nadine Mattart
1Exc – Rés CAC – Rés CACIB.