US Nationals 2005
April 2005

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Netherlands, Heteren» Netherlands, Heteren
April 22, 2018
NCCC Championship Show

Slovakia, Maly Lapas» Slovakia, Maly Lapas
April 14, 2018
Clubshow 2018

Finland, Ojakkala» Finland, Ojakkala
August 5, 2017
Special Jubilee 45 years show
Provided by Sherrie L. Determan

Judge: Steven Sudduth

37 Dogs Present (48 entered) + Veteran Dog
13 Bitches Present (22 entered) + Veteran Bitch

BOB--Ch Sitze-Gou's Dust Devil--VETERAN DOG
(DOB 10/7/95)

B-Bill & Laura Buell and Gayle Gold
O-Yvette Ferguson and Bill Buell
Ch Westwind's Peach Fuzz X Ch Sitze-Gou's Glazz Kat

BOW--WB- (CH) Poling's La Belle Monique
B-John & Susan Jarrell/ Michael & Linda Brantley
O-G Lynette White
Ch Los Cerros Top Contender X Ch Dreamland's Superstar At Poling

BOS--Ch Paramount Miss Independent
B-Jeff and Susan Sedillos
O-Lonnie & Regina Burr and Jill Stillwell
Ch Paramount Crown Jules X Paramount Autumn Glory


Award of Merits:

Ch Xi Shan's Guardian Angel
Ch Paramount American Bandstand
Ch Imagine I Love Jazz
Ch Westwind;s Pumbaa of Cejam
Ch Xlnt's Just the Way You Are
Sitze-Gou's Red Rover (WD)


WINNERS DOG--Sitze-Gou's Red Rover B/O Bill Buell
RSV WINNERS DOG--Chinabear Fables-N-Fairytales
B-Carmen Blankenship
O-Luis & Angela Arenas Lopez

Veteran Dog:
1-Ch Sitze-Gou's Dust Devil
2-Ch Supaw Cala Fragilistic
3-Ch Josol Debar E-Z Rider
4-Ch Sitze-Gou's RSVP in Glazz CDX


WINNER'S BITCH--Poling's La Belle Monique (New CH!)
RSV WINNER'S BITCH--E-Lin Luxury Edition

Veteran Bitches:
1-Ch My-Sam's Liontamer Star Baby
2-Vandamerica Violaina Zorrina of Zorro's Dynasty



Judge: Ted Lee

Best in Sweeps--Paramount Johhnie Angel
BOS to Best in Sweeps--Man-Di's Lucky Lady

Veteran Dogs-7-9 Yrs:
1-Ch Josol Debar E-Z Rider
2-Ch Photostarr Keeper of the Stars
3-Ch Solitude's Short Cut
4-Ch Supaw Cala Fragilistic

Veteran Dogs-9-11 Yrs:
1-Ch Sitze-Gou's Dust Devil
2-Ch Sitze-Gou's RXVP in Glazz CDX
3-Ch Pao Chai Ai Tse Trai Kansu TD
Veteran Bitch-7-9 Yrs:
Ch My-Sam's Liontamer Star Baby

Best Veteran--Ch Sitze-Gou's Dust Devil
BOS to Best Veteran--Ch My-Sam's Liontamer Star Baby


Judge: Ms Marlene Burford

Nov A
No Qualifiers

Nov B
1--Ch Just Us Lady's Choice--NEW CD--Score178
2--Ch Rio-Robmoor's Frosted O's--Score 171

Open A
1-Paochai Heavnsnt Kansucampus CD NA NAJ--
Score 187
Open B
No Qualifiers

Utility A
No Qualifiers

Paochai Heavnsnt Kansocampus CD NA NAJ

Graduate Nov
1-Paochai Heavnsnt Kansocampus CD NA NAJ

1-Ch Sitze-Gou's RSVP in Glazz CDX
2-Alegro Dakotas Shadow CDX OA OAJ
3-Deep Space Comet of Kansu CD NA NAJ

Rally Novice B
1-Alegro Dakotas Shadow CDX OA OAJ--Score 99
2-Paochai Heavnsnt Kansocampus CD NA NAJ--
Score 97
3-Ch Rio-Robmoor's Frosted O's--Score 90
4-Paochai Heavnsnt Kansocampus CD NA NAJ--
Score 89
5-Ch Rio's Little Red Corvette--Score 88