Sweden, Stockholm
December 11, 2004

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December 11, 2004

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October 9, 2004

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June 12 2004
Swedish National Specialty 2004
Provided by Jessica Björling

Judge: Dr Samuel Draper, USA

Number of Chows entered: 29
Number of Chows shown: 26

BOB, cacib
MultiCh Pei Fang Red Hot Simson
(Ch Jowtrix Red Magnum x Ch Pei Fang Cinnamon Janine)
Ow E Åberg, S

BD-2, CAC, r-cacib
Ch Pei Fang Creme Noddi
(Ch Pei Fang Magnum Son x Jowtrix Creme Carmina)
Ow M Holmli, N

Ming-Bear Ladies Man In Silver
(Ch Ming-Bear Wrapped In Scarlet Velvet x Pei Fang Fireball)
Ow B Langborg, S

Pei Fang Red Bazuka
(Ch Pei Fang Magnum Son x Ch Pei Fang Walk O'Fame)
Ow C Bergström, S

Pei Fang Midnight Zeb
(Ch Unas Smooth Ibux x Ch Pei Fang Walk O'Fame)
Ow A Mårtensson, S




BOS, cacib
S&NUCh Pei Fang Creme Merzedes
(Ch Pei Fang Magnum Son x Jowtrix Creme Carmina)
Ow S Jansson, S

BB-2, r-cacib
SUCh Chow-Yap's Flying Fresbee
(Ch Rhytzo Blue Fang Ming x Ch China Young's Kajsa Kavat)
Ow M Ronnerfors, S

Pei Fang Cinnamon Spicey
(Ch Bastian x Pei Fang JW Lady Bear)
Ow E Schyllert, S

China Young's Cherry Blossom
(Vriaslättens Prince Apanage x Ch China Young's Queen Elisabeth)
Ow E-L Lindgren, S

Chaina-Girl's Petronella
(Ch Djang Chings Bai-Xian-Yung x Jämtdalen's Gloria Swanson)
Ow L S Hedengran, S