Sweden, Ronneby
August 13, 2016

Sweden, Ronneby
BOB, Veteran BOB, CAC - Conneseur's Winnie The Pooh (left) & BOS, CAC, Best female 1 - Nin T'Sun Codie
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Provided by Lise-lotte Adler

National Show

Judge: Mona Selbach (N)

Number of Chows entered: 3
Number of Chows shown: 3

BOB, Veteran BOB, CAC, Ck
Ch. Conneseur's Winnie The Pooh
Breeder: Claes Bergstrøm- SE
Owner: Ing Marie Edstam- SE

BOS, CAC, Best female 1, Ck
Nin T'Sun Codie

Breeder and Owner: Ninna og Per Hansen- DK

Males - Veteran Class

Ch. Connesseur's Winnie The Pooh
SE10751/2008. Breeder: Claes Bergstrøm- SE. Owner: Ing Marie Edstam- SE
Exc. 1- Ck, CAC, BOB, and Veteran BOB.

Females - Open Class

Peer Gynt's Ebony Kassandra

Peer Gynt's Ebony Kassandra.
SE 26359/2012. Breeder: A-C. Kaldhusdal-SE. Owner: Ing Marie Edstrøm- SE
Excl. 1 Ck, bedst femal 2, R-CAC.

Females - Champion Class

Nin T'Sun Codie.
DK06725/2011. Breeder and Owner: Ninna og Per Hansen- DK
Excellent 1, Ck, Best female 1, CAC and BOS. And whith this new Swedish Champion