Netherlands, Leiden
March 24, 2007

Netherlands, Leiden
BOB, CACIB, CAC - CH. Quite a Beauty vom Sittardsberg
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December 16, 2007

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November 24, 2007
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Netherlands, Bleiswijk» Netherlands, Bleiswijk
November 03, 2007
Provided by Claudia Kleinheisterkamp

Judge: G.J.W. de Vries-Hoogland, NL

Number of Chows entered: 5
Number of Chows shown: 4

Dogs, Junior Class

339 Cinderella Man of the Royal Club, NHSB 2576531, *17.09.2005, F.: eigenaar, V. Kamp. The Guardian of the Royal Club, M. Kamp. Velvet Vamp of the Royal Club, E. K. Buurman & B.H. Buurman
- absent -

Dogs, Champion Class

Chic Cargo of the Royal Clu

340 Chic Cargo of the Royal Club, Intern. Kamp., NHSB 2444777, *18.03.2003, F.: K. Buurman-Bill, V. Intern. Champ. Sweet Talkin Romeo of the Royal Club, M.: Pendleton's Betty Boop, E.: K. Marx
Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB

Iwan of the Queens Club,

341 CH Iwan of the Queens Club, NL Jeug.DH, JW 05, W'06, NHSB 2530575,*23.10.04, F.: J. Mannessen, V.:Multi-CH Rahne Dhao's Banjo, M.: Sweet Dreams of the Royal Club,ClubJW+W 97, E: A.S. Mannessen-Tilstra
Excellent 2, Res.CAC, Res. CACIB

Dogs, Veteran Class

Amore Mio of the Queens Club,

342 CH. Amore Mio of the Queens Club, Ned.,Belg. CH., NHSB 2219448, * 09.10.1998, F.: A.S. Mannessen-Tilstra, V.: Multi-CH. Anavil Carpe Diem, M.: Sweet Dream of the Royal Club, E.: A.S. Mannessen-Tilstra
1st Place

Bitches, Champion Class

343 CH. Quite a Beauty vom Sittardsberg, DE Ch., VDH/ACC 21055, *05.05.2002, F.: C. Kleinheisterkamp, V.: Multi-Kamp. Paramount Stylish Smooth, M: CH. Jade vom Sittardsberg, E.: C. & H. Kleinheisterkamp
Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and BOB