Hungary, Kapuvar
May 02, 2010

Hungary, Kapuvar

BOB, CAC - Woodland-XiShan Black Diamond
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Provided by Heinrich Gerisch

National Dog Show

Judge: Mr. Tibor Gellen, H

Number of chows entered: 5
Number of chows shown: 5


Woodland-XiShan Black Diamond
Breeder: Myrna + Donald Wacker
Owner: Heinrich Gerisch, D

Koperrood Morning Glory
Breeder: Jenny Klijn-Quintelier
Owner: János Szappanós, H


Junior Class

Nr. 356 Elegant Beauty Dani
Chow 4358/09, born: 29.04.2009
(River Side Dávod - Fanny Face Chow-Holly Star)
Breeder: Eva Somogyvári, owner: Mónika Fábrik, H
Excellent 1, CACJ

Champion Class

Nr. 357 Koperrood Special Delivery
Chow.4050/H/08, born:09.07.2007
(Domino Return of the Tiger - Koperrood Chiva)
Breeder: Jenny Klijn-Quintelier, owner: János Szappanos, H
Excellent 2, Res. CAC

Nr.358 Woodland-XiShan Black Diamond
AKC NP 17660001, born: 01.09.2007
(Ch. XiShan-N-Nantan What About Now - Ch. Woodland's Blue Sky's Of Texas)
Breeder: Myrna + Donald Wacker, owner: Heinrich Gerisch, D
Excellent 1, CAC, BOB


Junior Class

Nr. 359 Létahazi-Csi-Cso Holy
Chow.4343/09, born: 11.03.2009
(Koperrood Special Delivery - Fanta-Fénye Vanili)
Breeder + onwer: Péter Létai, H
Excellent 1, CACJ

Intermediate Class

Nr. 360 Koperrood Morning Glory
Chow.4230/H/08, born. 09.05.2008
(Domino Return of The Tiger - Koperrood Chiva)
Breeder: Jenny Klijn-Quintelier, owner: János Szappanós, H
Excellent 1, CAC