Hungary, Szombathely
July 20, 2008

Hungary, Szombathely
BOB, CACIB, CAC - Ch. En-Chou Von Mien Shan

CACIB, CAC - Ch. Maruso’s Jelly-Belly
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Provided by Julia Adensam

Judge: Mr. Pawel Szemraj (PL)

Number of Chows entered: 6
Number of Chows shown: 5


Intermediate Class

Maruso's Lawless Louis

Maruso's Lawless Louis, (fawn), WT 20.04.07
(CH. Backpacker – CH. Maruso`s Jelly Belly) Breeder: R. Ried/A, Owner: Julia Adensam/Mario Prutky/A
Excellent 1, CAC

Open class

Romeo von Shanghai (black), WT 4.10.2005
(Ch. Himwin Hear Say x Amanda Of Chow Dream), Breeder: Hermann Mairinger, Owner: Dora Schopf/HU
Excellent 1, CAC, Res.-CACIB

Champion class


Ch. Backpacker (fawn), WT 27.10.2004
(Pasjo’s Quando La Quinta – Incipit Que Beleza), Breeder: Hanne Pedersen/DK, Owner: Julia Adensam/Ruth Ried/A
Excellent 2, CAC-Res.

Ch. En-Chou Von Mien Shan (red), WT 9.1.2005
(Gambler Of The China’s Joy – Magic Star Of The China’s Joy), Breeder: Ursula Studzinski/D, Owner: Iwona Ratajczak/PL
Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB


Champion class

Ch. Maruso’s Jelly-Belly (red), WT 10.3.2004
(V: Barbary’s Zensational Zee, M: Vet. Ch Eldorado’s Memphis Belle), Breeder&Owner: Ruth Ried / A
Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB