Hungary, Debrecen
July 15, 2006

Hungary, Debrecen
BOB, CAC - Fanta-Fénye Szeder

JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW 4 - Fearless Heart Ivory Cream Cooper
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Provided by Burstné Hagyárossy Éva

Number of chows entered: 10

Number of chows shown: 8

Judge: Soos Attila, Hu



Males :


Youth class:

Fearless Heart Ivory Cream Cooper

b: Irina Zinovieva O:Burst Attila and Burstne Hagyárossy Éva

Exc. 1 HPJ Best Junior, JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW 4


Intermedier class:

Fanta-fénye Zorba

b/o: Drabant Attila

Exc. 1. CAC


Open Class:

Broken Hill Erik

b/o: Lázárné Vámosi Ildikó

Exc.1 CAC



Youth class:

Black-Schnau La-Dy-Di

b/o: Hevér László



Intermedier class:

Fanta-fénye Zafír

b/o: Drabant Attila

Exc. 1 CAC


Open class:

Broken Hill Effi

b/o: Lázárné Vámosi Ildikó

Exc. 3


Fanta-Fénye Szeder

B/o: Drabant Attila

Exc. 1. CAC. BOB


Rossy Black Bess

b/o: Burst Attila and Burstné hagyárossy Éva

Exc. 2 res. CAC