Denmark, Vejen
June 20, 2015

Denmark, Vejen
BOB, CACIB, CAC, bedst male 1, CK
Long Feng Captain Jack Sparrow

CAC, Best Male 3 - Simauta Dess Messing (left) & CAC, Best Bitch 2 - Grazioso's One Wilma Zu'tzungle
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Provided by Lise-Lotte Adler, Lene Shila Hedengran, Annalise Stagebo

International show

Judge: Sean Delmar (IRL)

Number of Chows entered: 27
Number of Chows shown: 21

BOB, CACIB, CAC, best male 1, CK
Long Feng Captain Jack Sparrow

Breeder./owner: Lene Hedegran SE

BOS, CACIB, Best bitch 1, CK
Orinell's Here She Comes

Breeder and Owner: Mette Lindorff- DK

Puppy Class - Male

Long Feng John Bosley
Breeder: Lene Hedegran Se. Owner: Malene Grønbæk- DK
Place: no. 1

Dian Shan Fairplay
Breeder: Kennel Dian shan- DK
Owner: Susan Nielsen- DK
Plac: no. 2

Junior Class - Male

Simauta Dess Messing
Breeder: Kennel- Simauta- RUS
Owner: Lise-lotte Adler DK
Place: Excellent 1, bedst male 3, CAC

Intermediate class - Male

Bon Triumph Diamond Rock
Breeder. Kennel Bon Triump- RUS
Owner: Mette Lindorff- DK
Place: excellent 1 bedst male 4, R.cac- Cacib

Shi-Yang's Mingdì
Owner and Breeder. : Aase B. Nicolaisen Dk
Place: Excellent 2

Ba-Tong's Magic Master Mongo
Breeder and owner: Kennel Ba-tong- DK
Place: Excellent 3

Opend Class - Male

Batton Fon Fragoky
Breeder:Kristijan Francîn – HR
Owner: Lillian Flensborg- DK
Place: Excellent 3, ck.

Hary-Ming Yalu Smooth
Breeder: Paul Herbert- Germany’
Owner: Marianne Teglborg- DK
Place: Very Good

Champion Class - Male

Long Feng Captain Jack Sparrow
Breeder./owner: Lene Hedegran SE.
Place: Excellent 1 CK, bedst male 1, CAC, CACIB and BOB

Piuk Chow Possesses Black Passion
Breeder. : Kennel Piuk Chow-DK
Owner: stine Hjelme- DK
Place: Excellent 2, CK bedst male 2, R. CACIB

Bidachows Amazing Armani
Breeder: Kennel Bidachows- Dk
Owner: Susanne Dammann- DK
Place: Excellent 3, CK

Miketilla Monte Carlo
Breeder: Elain Canon- UK
Owner: Lis og Preben Taul- DK
Place: Excellent 4

Vetaran Class - Male

Breeder: Hanne Fogtmann- Dk
Owner: Marianne Teglborg- Dk
Place: Excellent Ck.. Bedst vetaran.

Baby Class - Female

Ba-Tong's Anuska - ain`t she sweet
Owner and Breeder: Kennel Ba-tong,- DK
Place: VP, 1.

Peli's Ecco To Flensborg
Breeder: Kennel Peli`s- DK
Owner: Eva Bansø- Dk
Place: VP 2

Puppy Class - Female

Orinell's Never To Much
Owner and Breeder. Mette Lindorff- DK
Place: VP1

Stagebo's Elusive Butterfly
Breeder: Kennel Stagbo-DK
Owner: Dorethe Aagaard,- DK
Place: VP2

Junior Class - Female

Grazioso's One Wilma Zu'tzungle
Owner and Breeder. Gitte Daae- DK
Place: Excellent 1, Ck, bedste bitch 2- CAC

Owner: Sabrina Nielsen. D
Breeder. Inge Loal Jessen- DK
Place: Excellent 2

Intermediate Class - Female

Shi-Yang's Mei Lin
Breeder. Aase B. Nicolaisen DK
Place: Excellent 1, Ck

Bao-Fang's Hong-Se Yue-Liang.
Breeder: Abbelone Perlblad- DK
Owner: Stine Hjelme- DK
Place: Excellent 2

Open Class - Female

Peli's Cindy To Flensborg
Breeder and Owner: Lillian Flensborg- DK
Place: excellent 1, Ck, Bedst bitch 4- R-cac

Peli's Citta To Flensborg
Breeder: Lillian Flensborg- DK
Owner: Birgit Pedersen- DK
Place: Excellent2

Champion Class - Female

Orinell's Here She Comes
Breeder and Owner: Mette Lindorff- DK
Place: Excellent 1, ck, Bedst bitch 1, Cacib- Bos

Stagebo's Angel of The Morning
Breeder. Kennel Stagebo-DK
Owner: S. Danielsen- DK
Place: excellent 2, Ck, Bedst bitch 3, R. Cacib

Dai Lan Zung Tzung Le
Breeder: D. school- D
Owner: Gitte Daae- DK
Place: Excellent 3

Pei Fang Penny Lane At Sherae
Breeder: Kennel Pei-fang- NO.
Owner: Kennel Sherae.
Place: Excellent4