Denmark, Sandved
August 31, 2014

Denmark, Sandved
BOS, Best Bitch1, CK - Bidachows O`lovely Othella (left) & BOB, Best Male 1, CK 1 - Bidachow`s Amazing Aslak

Best baby of the Show
Majlin Chow Spring Bear Blue Bamboo

Best Veteran
Piuk Chow Pleasant Spirit
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Provided by Susanne Dammann

Danish Chow-chow Club (DCCK)

Judge: Norman Deschuymere (B)

Number of Chows entered:
Number of Chows shown: 28

BOB, Best Male, CK 1
Bidachow`s Amazing Aslak

Breeder: Birgit Dammann
Owner: Pernille Holme

BOS, Best Bitch, CK
Bidachows O`lovely Othella

Breeder : Birgit Dammann
Owner: Susanne Dammann

Baby Class / Male

Majlin Chow Spring Bear Blue Bamboo. DK 07143/2014
Breeder. : Majlin Chow
Owner. : Jens Christian Hansen.
Mother: Bidahows Rock and Roll Rosie
Father: Ursulas Black Joe
Place. SL 1, and Best baby of the show

Baby Class / Female

Piuk Chow Sweet Queen Of Phantasy - DK 04540/2014
Breeder/ Owner: Susanne og Michael Lunau
Mother: Long Feng Elisabeth Swann
Father: Caribean Pirate Lietuvos Liutas
Place: SL 1

Grazioso`s One Wilma Zu`tzungle - DK06703/2014
Breeder/ owner: Gitte Daae
Mother: Dai Lan Zung Tzung
Father: Honiland Exclusive Black Smooth
Place: SL 2

Nørskovs Heartbreaker in Blue - DK05164/2014
Breeder: Charlotte Nørskov Jensen
Owner: Ingelise Jensen
Mother: Nørskovs Ding Dong Dixie
Father: Yonhaltijain Dermyn Morri
Place: SL 3

Puppy / Male

Skychows Amazing Goldfinger - DK19615/2013
Brreder/ Owner: Maibritt og Søren Nielsen
Mother: Mi Pao`s HoneySuckle Rose
Father: Mi-Pao`s Red Sumac
Place: SL 1, and Best Puppy

Puppy / Female

Skychows Adorabie Solitire
Breeder/ Owner: Maibritt og Søren Nielsen
Mother: Mi-Pao`s Honeysuckle Rose
Father: Mi-Pao`s Red Sumac.
Plac: SL 1, and Best Puppy 2

Junior Male

Shi-Yang`s Mingdi- DK13833/2013
Breeder/owner. Aase B. Nikolaisen
Mother: Maruso`s Quendoline
Father. Bei-Wie Botai
Place: excellent 2

Piuk Chow Pirates Boy Of Phantasy - Dk15746/2013
Breeder- Susanne og Michael Lunau
Owner: Dennis Hessner
Mother: Long Fen Elisabeth Swan
Father: Caribean Pirate Lietuvos Liutas
Place. Excellent 1, CK, Club junior-CAC

Red Bandit De Los Perros De Bigo- DK02804/2014
Breeder: Nuria DVigo Navajon.
Owner: Søren og Maibritt Nielsen
Mother: Chantillylace De los Perros De Bigo
Father: Trade Mark Del Fium Giallo
Place: Very Good 4

Bon Triumph Diamond Rock - DK 05407/2014
Breeder. M. Vekovischeva
Owner: Mette Maj
Mother: Fearless heart Cream Brjule
Father. Legend of the Black Diamond Dei Leo
Place: excellent 3

Medium Class / Male

Incipit Unplugged - DK 10124/2013
Breeder. Stella Sørlie
Owner: Tuula M. Tammelin
Mother: Incipit Just Starry
father: Paramount American Outlaw
Place: excllent, CK 1

Opend Class / male

Piuk Chow Pienty of Joy From Santa - DK 00479/2012
Breeder: Susanne og Michael Lunau
Owner: Eva Nielsen
Mother: Prinels ever so lovly
Father: Chan-Lo Can`t by me love
Place: Excellent 4

Gambler Grozio Akcentas Dk00273/2013
Breeder. Silvija Karazine
Owner: Jessie og Tom Revel
Mother: Bacard Amuletas
Father: Zhaou Lin`s Argo Cunami
Place: Excellent 2, CK

Sherae The Eminent Rising Son DK01243/2011
Breeder. : Shirly Chinnery
Owner: Ingelise Jensen
Mother: Sherae The red Eminence
Father: Sherae The rising son
Place: Excellent 3, CK

Bidachow`s Amazing Aslak DK 01882/2011
Breeder: Birgit Dammann
Owner. Pernille Holme
Mother: Bidachows Irresistible Igucci
Father: Orinell`s Ego Trip
Place: Excellent 1 ,CK, Best Male 1- BOB

Champion Class / Male

Chan-Lo Can`t by me Love - DK20586/2010
Breeder. Charlotte jensen
Owner: Michael Lunau og Merethe Kvetny
Mother: Chan-Lo a thing call love
Father: Cariabean Pirate Lietuvos Liutas
Place: Excellent 1, CK, Best male 2

Piuk Chow Plenty of Summer Success
Breeder. Susanne og Michae Lunau
Owner: dennis Hessner
Mother: Orinel`s ever so lovely
Father: Dawanda Don Darias Dusc
Place. Excellent 4

Bidachows Amazzing Armani - DK 01883/2011
Breeder: Birgit Dammann
Owner: Susanne Dammann
Mother: Bidachows Irresistible Igucci
father: Orinels Ego trip
Place: Excellent 3, CK

Piuk Chow Possesses Black Passion - DK 17415/2010
Breeder- Susanne Og Michael Lunau
Ejer: Stine Hjelme
Mother: Sakumas Such Sunnie Summer Suprise
Father: Pei-Fang Midnigth Masserati Man
Place: Excellent 2, CK and Best male 3

Veteran Male

Piuk Chow Pleasant Spirit - DK 06628/2005
Breeder: Susanne og Michael Lunau
Owner: Abbelone Perlblad
Mother: Piuk Chow Precious Juliet
father: Kwatang Kapo Di Monte
Place: Excellent, CK, Best veteran

Junior Bitch

Bao-Fang`s Hong-Se Yue-Liang - DK17890/2013
Breeder: Abbelone Perlblad
Owner: Stine Hjelme
Mother: Bai-Ling Pei`s Alexa She`s Glamorou
Father: Piuk chow Pleasant Spirit
Plac: Excellent 1, CK, CAC, Best Bitch 2

Shi-Yang`s Mei-Lin,- DK 13834/2013
Breeder: Aase B. Nikolaisen
Owner. Sanne Boamah
Mother: Marusos Quendoline
Father: Bei-Wei Botai
Place: Excellent 2

Orinell`s Live Your Dream - DK 08795/2013
Breeder/ Owner: Mette Maj
Mother: Pei Fang Eyecather
Father: Orinell`s ego trip
Place: Very Good 3

Open Class Bitch

Long Fen Elizabeth Swann - Dk 18115/2011
Breeder. Lene Hedengran
Owner: Susanne og Michael Lunau
Mother: Piuk Chow Missies Victoria Princess
Place: Excellent 1, CK, Best Bitch 4

Champion Class/ Bitch

Orinell`s Here she comes - Dk 06763/2011
Owner/ Breeder: Mette Maj
Mother: Orinell`s cute Carmen
father: Dawanda Don Darias Duch
Place. Excellent 3

Grazioso`s Nice Pepsi Zu`tzungle- DK 14842/2011
Owner/ Breeder. Gitte Daae
Mother: Dai Lan Zung Tzung
Father: Sitze-Gou`s Glazz Paragon
Place: excellent 2, CK, Best bitch 3

Bidachows O`lovely Othella- Dk 22903/2008
Breeder : Birgit Dammann
Owner. Susanne Dammann
Mother: Bidachows Irresistble Igucci
father: Orinell`s ego trip
Place: Excellent 1, CK, Best bitch 1- BOS

Mi-Pao`s HoneySuckle Rose
breeder. Poul Odenkirschen
Owner: Maibritt og Søren Nielsen
Mother: Mi-Pao`s Red Stefania
Father: Mi-Pao`s Breezer
Place: excellent 4