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Satin Paw Smooth Chow-Chows (A)

Belgium, Leuven
May 13, 2012
17. Jongehonden- en Veteranendag

Belgium, Leuven
Best Baby of all Breeds, BIS 4
Honiland Bright Smile

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Provided by Claudia Kleinheisterkamp

Jugde: Muldoon, John (IE)



119 Kiangsou Xingling-Shi
(LOS in Annvraag ( WT 23.11.2011 (F./P. Houben-Thonus, Jean & Danielle) Chow-Red King De L'aliermont-Chinatown Xingling-Shi) Eing./prop. Jouben, Jean
1 VB




Honiland Bright Smile

120 Honiland Bright Smile
RKF 3186452 WT 22.12.2011, F./P: Elena Shorina, Ufa, Russland (Honiland Exclusive Black Smooth - Honiland Sparkelt Fire) eig./prop. Kleinheisterkamp, Claudia & Heinz
1 VB, Best Baby of all Breeds, BIS 4
(Judge: Mrs. Muldoon, Colette)



Quite a Beauty vm Sittardsberg

121 Quite a Beauty vm Sittardsberg
(Multi-CH) ACC/VDH 21055, WT 05.05.2002, F./P.: Kleinheisterkamp, Claudia
(Paramount Stylish Smooth(Mulit-CH) - Jade vom Sittardsberg (CH) Eig./Prop.: Kleinheisterkamp, Claudia & Heinz
Excellent 1, Best Veteran, Place 4 in the Ring of Honour Veterans (Judge in the ring of honour: Muldoon, John)