Belgium, Lommel
June 14, 2009

Belgium, Lommel
BOB, CAC - Multi.Ch.Chowderny Xinling-Shi

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RCCCB Clubshow 2009
Provided by Nadine Mattart

National Show

Judge: Mr A.De Wilde (B)

Number of Chows entered: 5
Number of Chows shown: 5

Multi.Ch.Chowderny Xinling-Shi
Breeder: Mr Houben
Owner: Mattart nadine

1 Exc, CAC, BOS
Xin-Feng’s Demeter
Breeder: A.Meulstee
Owner: Kooijmans Ben en Ilone



Puppy Class

Vargo Von Muhlenberg

504. Vargo Von Muhlenberg Vdh/ACC 22069 Né le 27/10/2008
(Chia-Chu Ban-Tu X Florence Joy Vom Muhlenberg)
Prod : Rocco Wunderlich Prop : Oyen Jos

Open Class

Tsaski Ted Absolute Zahir

505. Tsaski Ted Absolute Zahir PKR V 13659 Né le 03/12/2006
(Int.Ch.Zlat Agni X Ch.Tselika)
Prod : S.Pekker Prop : Kiera Michalina
1 Exc, Rés CAC

Champion Class

506. Multi.Ch.Chowderny Xinling-Shi Losh 0928272 Né le 28/04/2003
(M.Ch.Rocky Black Pearl Du Lee Dou Des Thitounes X Ushuaia Xinling-Shi)
Prod : Mr Houben Prop : Mattart nadine
1 Exc, CAC, BOB


Puppy Class

Ursy Vom Muhlenberg

507. Ursy Vom Muhlenberg Vdh/ACC 22057 Née le 17/10/2008
(Caecar Vom Eisenhard X Bis Lac Chaika)
Prod : Rocco Wunderlich Prop : Oyen Jos

Open Class

508. Xin-Feng’s Demeter NHSB 2672479 Née le 21/09/2007
(Cinderelle Man Of The Royal Club X Xin-Feng’s Chimayra)
Prod : A.Meulstee Prop : Kooijmans Ben en Ilone
1 Exc, CAC, BOS