Austria, Graz
March 11, 2006

Austria, Graz
CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG 5th - HCH.HJCH.Shagio-Chen Whisky
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December 2, 2006

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October 1, 2006
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August 26, 2006
Provided by Burstné Hagyárossy Éva, Ruth Ried

Jugde: Weseslindtner Karin (A)

Number of chows entered: 11
Number of chows shown: 9


Males youth class:

Back Paker

Back Paker 2004.10.27.
Pasjo's Quando La Quinta - Incipit
Que Beleza
Breeder:Pedersen Hanne
Owner: Ried Family

Fu'tchi von Mien-Shan
Owner: Fam. Auer / A
- absent -

Males Open class:

Himwin Hear Say

Himwin Hear Say 2003.01.01.
Jensim Just William at Siamdel - Tiewin luka
b: Hempenstall o: Mairinger Hermann
Exc.2. Res. CAC


Lion King Of The China's Joy 2004.02.09.
Gambler of the China's Joy - Princeless
Beauty of the China's Joy
b. Aker L.J. C. A o: Danko Joze


Shagio- Chen White Dragon

Shagio- Chen White Dragon 2003.06.01.
Rossy zeus - Shagio-Chen White Olgi
b/o: Burst Attila and Burstné Hagyárossy Éva
Exc.1., CAC, Res. CACIB


Males Champion class:

Maruso 's Hannibal Highclass

Maruso 's Hannibal Highclass 2003.01.03.
Barbary Zenzational Zee - Maruso's Eileen
b:Szatmári Ákos o: Kreil Christine
Exc.2. Res. CAC


Shagio-Chen Whisky

Shagio-Chen Whisky 2002.08.15.
Wilson of the China's Joy - Shagio-Chen Regina
b/o: Burst Attila and Burstné Hagyárossy Éva
Exc.1., CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG 5th


Females Youth class:

Quicky von Shanghai 2005.05.20.
Himwin Hear Say - Si-Huang Ti Moonligth
b:Mairinger Hermann o: Görig Roland


Females Intermediate Class:

Maruso's Jumping Jashra

Maruso's Jumping Jashra 2004.08.03.
Barbary Zenzational Zee - Eldorado Memphis Belle
b: Ried Ruth o: Wurzer Walter Dr.
Exc.1., CAC, CACIB

Females Open Class:

Chantal of the China's Joy
b. Aker L. o: Fam. Auer / A
- absent -

Females Champion Class:

Rossy Black Molly

Rossy Black Molly 2001.09.03.
Wilson of the China's Joy - Rossy Ruby Barbi
b/o: Burstné Hagyárossy Éva and Burst Attila
Exc.1., CAC, Res. CACIB