ANICC Clubshow 2014

Only for Members from 2013
the entries in any classes are FREE for every chows.

Members with card ONLY FROM 2014
can enter FREE their chows only in Baby and Junior classes.

For other classes (Veteran, Champion, Open, Intermediate and Young) will be applied the fees for MEMBERS ANICC 2014 (see on the enrolment form).

Sunday, 27th April 2014


Matthew Fan (CN)
Dogs & Best in Show

Kathleen Ridding (GB)
Bitches & Best in Show Puppy

Clubshow 2014

ATTENTION !!! Call or mail the Secretariat
to confirm receipt of your form.

All payments can be made at the Secretariat on the same day of the Show.
Closing dates: March 24 / March 31 2014 (fax or e-mail only)
Segreteria ANICC
Casella Postale 13874
20816 Ceriano Laghetto (MB), Italy

Tel. & fax +39 / 02.966 03 08
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