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Chen Jing

Sweden, Vännäs
June 14, 2008

Sweden, Vännäs
Best of Breed, CACIB, Best dog - SCh Ikäneidon Huviretki
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December 06, 2008

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October 11, 2008
Provided by Jessica Björling

Judge: Tuula Pratt

Number of Chows entered:3
Number of Chows shown:3

Champion class dogs

SCh Ikäneidon Huviretki
(Ch Kringelmyras Chyn-Chow x Ikäneidon Omakuva) Br: V Kairtamo, FIN Ow: A Persson, S
1 Excellent, Best dog, CACIB, Best of Breed

Intermediate class bitches

Nellwood's Yu Kun

Nellwood's Yu Kun
(Ch Ikäneidon Huviretki x Ch China Young's Evelina Red Girl) Br: A Persson, S Ow: Barbro Backlund, S
1 Very Good

Open class bitches

China Young's Miss Isabelle

China Young's Miss Isabelle
(Ch China Young's Chicko Charmgutten x Ch Misha Daughter of Churchill) Br: K Mattsson, S Ow: A Persson, S
1 Excellent, Best bitch, CACIB, CAC, BOS, Swedish champion today!